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ME mini limit switches

Compact limit switch in the metal case and in a variety of different control elements available.

Simple installation and connection. IP65,-15C to +70 C, 5A 250VAC
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MEA plastic limit switches

MEA Plastic Limit (cheapest product)
Available with a variety of different control elements. Equipped with a flexiebel M20 cable gland. IP65 sealing 1x NC and 1x NO contact.
Contact Rating: 6A, 125V / 250V / AC
Temperature Range:-15C to +70 C
Also available with cable according to customer specifications.
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M4 compact limit switches

  M4 Series Miniature Limit Switch with molded cable.
IP67-sealed in a rugged metal housing. Lifetime of maximaal 10 million circuits. Standard cable length 2 or 3 meters. To customer specifications in other Langen.
5 A 230 VAC switching capacity, with NO / NC.
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MJ limit switches

Robust precision limit switches with a variety of different stainless steel control elements available.
IP67 metal enclosure, 230V / AC 10A NO + NC contacts.
Life of at least 15 million circuits.
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MJ limit switches

  MJ1 metal limit switches with IP65 or IP67 seal.
15 A switching capacity 230V / AC. NO / NC. Max 20 million circuits. Deliver with cable glan.
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MN enclosed limit switch

MN Series Enclosed Limit Switch
geheel gesloten IP65 behuizing van IP67 uitvoering.
Grote gamma aan RVS actuator, 10A 230 VAC schakelvermogen.
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