Micro switches

IP40 to IP67 microswitch. with cable, for printed circuit boards with solder or connectors. Manufacture to customer specification with additional needs in the terminal equipment (cable any length possible).

MVS security mini-switches

MVS Security miniature switches. Transparante IP40 housing with NO / NC Snap-action contacts. NC contact with positive opening. Switching capacity of 6A-230V / AC. Faston Type 250 available, solder or screw terminals. Various types of actuating elements in stainless steel.

MVS mini

MV mini-switches

Mini-Switches with a maximum of 20A 230 V / AC switching power
High temperature design 120gr.C available up to, RU U.S., CCC,
With standard NO / NC contacten and small switching time periods.
Broad range of stainless steel modules with plastic or metal rollers.
MV mini


MJ2 mini-switches

Standard IP65 or IP67 sealed plastic micro switch. With a switching capacity of 15A 230V/AC and available in a wide range of different actuators and shift points.

Optional Phenolic housing in a high temperature. If connections can choose from standard screw connection is available but the solder and the 250x3 type fastonaansluiting. Maximum lifespan is 20 million circuits.
MJ2 schakelaar


SW IP67 subminiature switches

IP67 Sub miniature switch, including cable or PCB/soldering connection. Standard 50cm. cable. switching currentsy 5A 230VAC. Maximum life time 2 miljoen operations. Optional with gold bladed contacts. Large range of actuators
temperture range from -25C up to +120C.
SW mini


IP67 micro switch MS40 series

IP67 micro switch with 30 cm cable. IP67 micro


MN enclosed limit switch

Entirely enclosed IP65 housing in IP67 execution.
Large range of RVS actuators, 10A 230 VAC.
MN serie